Book us for your entertainment and we guarantee you’ll have a good time. A Karaoke Party is a sure-fire way of getting everybody to enjoy themselves.
For those people who have never been to a Karaoke evening, Karaoke is a modern version of singing around the piano. Each phrase to be sung appears on the monitor and changes colour when it is time to sing. An original backing track takes the place of the piano. A choice of over 15,000 songs taken from the “fifties” to the present day makes sure there is something for everyone.

If you are concerned that your Karaoke evening won’t work because people will not get up to sing, then don’t worry. We offer a mixture of disco music to make sure everyone has a good time.

To start the evening off our presenter will sing the first song and as many thereafter as is necessary to keep the evening moving, disco music will be played between songs to maintain the atmosphere and to provide variation. We also have singalong songs for everybody to sing along with together. Singers can sing on their own or in a group, which ever they prefer, many are surprised how good they sound when backed by a professional sound system.

The mix is different every night but the aim is always to make sure that everyone enjoys use a Karaoke evening is simply great fun!